Tips for Writing and Publishing a Book

Speaking of the script then all is not a problem apart from the contents of the text. Sometimes the author’s name determines its quality, but also publishers sometimes only see the contents, whether it is worth selling or not. If you write very well and with a style that is comfortable and easy to understand, especially if there are many references and expert opinion on it then it is not possible script that you send will be easily accepted by the publisher. Usually about 2 weeks the results will we know whether our manuscript is accepted or not. But clearly if all the requirements we have to fulfill and indeed his own using the techniques on how to write a book that is good and right that is an absolute requirement to be easily accepted by a publisher, I guess what else to worry about, yet today there are dozens of publishers who each race -lomba seek qualified writer. Are you one of the authors? Let us consider the following reviews.

Author Caraspot also want a little talked about experiences when they first sent the manuscript to a publisher. It was just finishing my first work. Because at that time I did not have the funds to send the manuscript in the mail, especially to multiple publishers at the same time, there arose the idea to send them via email, and wal result, after more than a week no response from any of the popular press in Jakarta has contacted me to the book eventually be published (I’m sorry I do not know the title of his book ngasi and who published). So my advice regarding the delivery of better use email, but before you must first create a PDF file which pages on-the screenshots are all so the contents of a PDF later in the form of images and hard copy by the publisher, and in addition add the word written large and frosted over every page marked “sample” or “do not copy” to further protect your work.
Criteria for How to Write a Good Book

If you want to be a writer then all of the terms and tips about how to prepare the manuscript should you have captured, other than by arranging the right word for each sentence would you like to express that also greatly affect your success in becoming Writer reliable, and if you can be famous and best of all authors. Well, here are some tips:

1. Sistematikan And Writing Structure

Systematics of writing means that the contents of the script was written in a structured starting from the basic knowledge, history, methods and discussion are each equipped with a chapter, section and sub-section. Thus the reader will be more pleased with his product. But other than that there is again a few more things to note in this book penlisan sections, namely:

Placement of sub discussion right. In that sense, the discussion early, middle, and finally prepared properly in accordance with the actual sequence. For example, you menulisa book entitled “How to Create a Blog” but a matter of history, understanding, pndapat experts, and other types of blogs to place itself at the end of the chapter, is it so strange and would complicate the publisher doing the editing. Supposedly, if you want to order, proceed to a preliminary understanding about blogs, including those mentioned above, and then go to the steps, and finally you may wish to add a tutorial how to make money from blogs and so on.
Completeness discussion. It is also sometimes overlooked by new writers learn how to write a book, but he was hopeful the script writing can be issued by the issuer, which completes all sub discussion in it. For example, you mention the “10 steps how to create an email” in your book review because it is a matter of making websites with blogspot guide, but it turns out after checking the contents of his writings, you just mentioned eight steps. Well, this is extremely important that all described in detail in accordance with sub-chapter headings.

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2. Writing Style

Using language that is easily understood. Therefore, avoid using language that is too high if the target market is for the general public. Except for example for high-semester students then no problem because anyway they must be easy to understand and even happy to read a book filled with scientific words, such as consistency, generalization, and all the smells and ending in “..sasi”.
The language is appropriate to the theme of his writings, for example, the theme is about the children’s education as much as possible avoid using words or language that is too high making it difficult to understand the target audience, such as scientific language. Or for example to young people then you should adjust your words and manner of delivery in accordance with meraka world, such as the use of slang and a longer trend, and so forth. But during penrbit which receives screenplay does not restrict the creation of the author of the use of language, if yes, you can still find a publisher with appropriate rules for this now very easily offer our work for publication.
Clearly understands How to Become a Famous Writer Books and Novels. If you’ve studied the matter, all the tips and steps to be taken to get the highest weighted writings would have you mastered. So please read the article to know the exact technical.

3. Eligible publishers

There are a lot of the usual standards required by the publisher but there are a few of the author assumes commonly included in the terms that they make, among which are:

Written using Times New Roman font
The distance between lines of text using a space 1 by a margin that is sometimes not so required. My advice should be to the left margin, right, top and bottom have yan gdefault alone or each second.

Minimum number or page length is 150 pages or more. Sometimes many who could receive with a minimum of 100 pages. But if you want the script must be accepted then it is better both ends 150 pages.

Writing themes many people are needed. My experience so far and I know of some publishers, usually they are more pleased with the inscription smell ‘guide’ or the term “how to”. I am sure, if you write and send a text this matter would have readily accepted, as long as the issuer itself has never published the same theme, or may already have but you have to offer much more interesting because it reviews the different language styles. I guess, in a review Caraspot on how to write a book that is good and true, in fact this is one of the factors that most influence on the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript we have made.

Equipped with ample references. Many new authors are also impatient and want to quickly have work so they take a shortcut by copying only the posts from various blogs, even though such action is considered a violation of copyright. And even to check it too easy, fairly tested in the search engine will instantly caught. For that, for matters of reference you should use the original book and if it is above 20 could be more worthy of publication.
Accompanied Bibliography. This is still a series with the above, only if the above can be in the form of footnotes and the opinions of the contents of his book, being part of a separate sheet that is usually placed in the rear yard before the back cover of the book. Even the order of writing we can not be sure, but clearly all the information about the books that exist, such as author name, book title, chapter or chapters, year of publication, publisher’s name, and where he published, whether in Jakarta, Semarang, Bandung, Medan, Makassar, Surabaya and others.

Writer Biography. This is arguably mandatory for all manuscripts sent. It can be in the form of data that has been compiled in a series of sentences in 2 or 3 paragraphs, or may also be in the form lis written data in a table or column which contains the original name, date of birth, education, experience, hobbies, or call also if there’s work and achievements that have never been achieved before, and lastly do not forget to mention your contact address, whether it’s email or phone number so that if there are readers who wish to communicate can get you through the datat.

Author bio: Marie Moody is a freelance writer and blogger at She lives and works out of her home in White Springs, Hamilton.